I Was Part of the Problem

June 10, 2018

Because of my distrust of politicians and the extreme negativity of politics in general I refrained from engaging the political process for most of my adult life. For years I refused to vote, knowing full well that those running for office didn’t represent me, my family nor my values. As the years passed I began to realize that I was part of the problem.

So I started voting around 2000 but it didn’t take long to feel like my vote didn’t matter, especially as I watched Republican candidates I had voted for lose race after race here in WA State. I felt like I needed to do more to help good candidates win, so in 2009 I attended my very first political meeting at Harvey Air Field in Snohomish, WA. It was a Republican meeting.

In 2009 Snohomish County had approximately 750 precincts but the Snohomish County Republican Party (SCRP) had only about 350 volunteer Precinct Committee Officers (PCO’s) to serve them, leaving approximately 400 precincts empty of Republican representation. Perhaps that was WHY so many Republican candidates were faring so poorly; they had very little help and support? So I volunteered to become a Republican PCO and within a year I was serving on the SCRP Executive Committee as Chairman on the Committee to recruit new PCO’s.

I gathered a team of past and current candidates and working together for the next eight hours we were successful in recruiting 50 new volunteers to become PCO’s. If we repeated our efforts a few more times I felt we would be successful at filling most of the vacant precincts with highly motivated new volunteers; Republicans voters who were already volunteering to help various Republican candidates. Sadly, however, the “leadership” within the SCRP began to fear an influx of new recruits, because it would be harder for them to maintain their “control” over Party politics (e.g. which candidates got special treatment, and which would not, etc.). My Chairmanship ended and recruits of new PCO’s are at an all-time low.

Thus, I turned my attention to helping candidates directly, with cash donations, sending out campaign material to local voters in my area and helping to ‘Get Out The Vote’ (GOTV) after ballots were mailed out. But then in 2014 I found myself without a candidate to help (the leading “Republican” candidate did not believe in the Republican platform), and so I entered my first political race to defeat a sitting Congresswoman (D) in WA State 1st Congressional District (WA-01). While I came up short, I did very well for my first campaign.

About a year later many of my supporters wanted me to run again, but there was another Republican candidate who was already an elected official who was running for Congress in WA-01 and I felt she would have a better chance to defeat the incumbent democrat. And she believed in the Republican platform! So I decided not to run for that position a second time. About a year later, and well into the campaign season, the Republican candidate was forced to quit her race due to personal reasons. As there were no other Republican candidates willing or able to pick up the Republican banner (so to speak), it looked like the Democrat was about to go un-challenged. And thus I entered that race once again, even though it was ‘late in the game’. 

What were the results? Amazing. The incumbent Democrat was one of the wealthiest Congressmen in the U.S. House of Representatives. She had literally millions of dollars to spend, while I raised only about $25,000.00. She and her Political Action Committee’s (PAC’s) spent approximately $2.5 Million against me (100:1 ratio), money that could have been used against other Republican candidates, yet I was able to defeat her in Whatcom County and in Legislative District 39 (my current race) by 9%. Snohomish and Skagit County’s were close but King County was very unkind to a Constitutional Conservative Republican like myself and my challenge against a sitting Congressman was unsuccessful. Yet it was a huge success!

As I have recently reviewed the data from my 2014 and 2016 U.S. Congressional races I was very much encouraged by what I found. In 2014 I faced a strong Republican challenger in the Primary election. He too was a very wealthy individual who had raised approximately $425,000.00 for his campaign (compared to my $5,000.00). He had the money, he had the full backing of the State Republican Party and all four County Republican Party’s. It was my first race and absolutely no one had given me the slightest chance to win. But then I won! On election night I was the projected winner across all of Washington State even though I was only ahead by about 900 votes. It was razor close. Three days later I fell behind in the vote count and I eventually lost that election, reminding me of Dino Rossi’s loss for Governor, after three recounts.

The 39th Legislative District (LD) lies within WA-01 Congressional District and so I pulled the 39th LD data from my 2014 race. Against all the odds, I beat the favored Republican candidate in LD 39 by…21%. Next I reviewed the 39th LD data from my 2016 run for U.S. Congress. The results? I beat the two-term incumbent Congressman in LD 39 by…9%. I also beat Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump in LD 39 by 8%. In fact, of the seven candidates in 2014 (four Republicans) and the 5 candidates in 2016 (two Republicans), I have yet to be defeated in LD 39 by either a Democrat or a Republican candidate, regardless of the amount of money they had at their disposal. And it must be noted, the 21% and 9% margins of victories represent my closest competitors (both Microsoft millionaires) within the 39th LD. I beat the other nine candidates by much greater percentages.

So here we are in 2018. I am no longer part of the problem; I am part of the solution. I am an Air Force Veteran. I am a graduate of Gonzaga University where I earned my degree in Biochemistry and I spent my career in the Puget Sound researching DNA and Developing Cancer Therapies. I am married and my wife and I have raised our four children here in Snohomish County; our youngest daughter having just graduated from high school last year in LD 39. She is now attending a local college. I believe Olympia is trampling on our human Rights, our property Rights, our water Rights, our gun Rights, etc. And thus I have entered the race for State Representative in Legislative District 39.  If I am someone who you would like to see representing you in Olympia, then I welcome your support, your prayers and your vote next month (mid-July thru Aug. 7th).

For more information about me, my race, my positions and my endorsements, please visit my website at: www.sutherland4rep.com. And if you are able, please show your support by making a small contribution to my campaign. I am no Donald J. Trump (I cannot self-fund my entire campaign) and so we must work together in order to be successful. If I am the person you wish to represent you in Olympia, then I need your [financial] help. Thank you!! God Bless you and may God Bless America.

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