WA State 2018 Primary Election

August 14, 2018

I am very pleased to announce to all of my volunteers, family, supporters and to the best voters in all of WA State (39th Leg. Dist. Voters) that all of your time, efforts, and donations to my campaign to be your next State Representative has paid off! I am moving past the Primary election as one of the ‘Top Two’ candidates and will be headed into the General election set for November 6th 2018 against my Democrat opponent.

The choice in this race couldn’t be any clearer. Either you agree already that we are taxed too much, or you don’t. Either you agree that our Property, Water and Gun Rights are being violated, or you don’t. Either you agree that tolling our roads is a bad idea, or you don’t. That traffic is getting worse, not better. And that we need more educational choices for parents and children and that education dollars should follow the child to the school of their choice.

If you agree with me then I need your help. Please consider a contribution in order to help me fund a successful campaign against my Democrat opponent, who disagrees with me on all of these issues. I’m not asking for your grocery money, or your gas money, but if you can help me defeat the progressive agenda here in the 39th Legislative District then I would be most grateful. You can visit my website to make a secure online donation at www.sutherland4rep.com or you can mail a check to: Friends of Sutherland, P.O. Box 1311, Monroe, WA 98272.


Robert J Sutherland
Candidate-State Representative (R), District 39, position 1
E: info@sutherland4rep.com
P.O. Box 1311, Monroe, WA 98272
F: Sutherland4rep
W: www.sutherland4rep.com

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