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Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR)

Rated “Outstanding” (Highest rating possible). I will protect your property Rights!


King County Republican Party


Snohomish County Republican Party


Skagit County Republican Party


Legislative District 39 Republicans

Washington State Farm Bureau

"Robert, Thank you for your leadership and support of issues vital to Washington Agriculture. We definitely consider you a friend of Farm Bureau. The Washington Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general farm organization, representing the economic and social interests of more than 47,000 member families. Our chief aim is ensuring our family farms continue to feed the world. We hope you will play a significant role in helping us do so. It is our pleasure to share the news that the WSFB PAC has endorsed you in the General Election this year. We hope this endorsement will help make your campaign successful. We will be sharing our endorsements through social media, as well as through electronic mail. Thanks again for your willingness to serve the citizens of this state."

Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney

Clint Didier, Franklin County Commissioner

Dave McMullan, Chairman, Pierce County Republican Party

Jim Walsh, Republican, State Representative, District 19 (2018)

Glen Morgan (2018)

WA State Executive Director of CAPR


Washington Arms Collectors (WAC) (2018)

Doug Basler (2018)

Candidate for U.S Congress, District 9. Eyes on Washington Conservative Radio talk show host, AM 1590, Seattle.

Marty McClendon (2018)

Washington State Senate candidate, District 26. Eyes on Washington Conservative Radio talk show host, Seattle, AM 1590.

Hunters Heritage Council (2018)

Human Life PAC Team (2018)

Scott Stafne (2018)

Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 1.

Puget Sound Energy (2018)

“Robert, On behalf of Puget Sound Energy…we are happy to support your campaign, and look forward to an ongoing dialog on key issues.”

Washington Dairy Families (2018)

"On behalf of Washington’s dairy farm families, it is my pleasure to inform you that Washington Dairy Families, the political action committee of the Washington State Dairy Federation, has endorsed your campaign for the House of Representatives. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your leadership and public service efforts. The Washington State Dairy Federation represents Washington’s 376 dairy producers and has been the voice of dairy families since 1892. Dairy foods constitute the 2nd largest agricultural commodity produced in Washington, with a direct economic impact of $1.1 billion in farm gate value. Additional, indirect economic effects boost the total value of dairy farming to Washington’s economy to an estimated $5.2 billion. Dairy farmers are proactive in working with state and federal agencies to better our practices to protect the quality of our milk and Washington’s natural resources. This endorsement reflects our members’ trust in you to serve and lead our state, our communities, our rural farm families, and, in particular, our dairy industry. Best wishes for success in the upcoming election! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this endorsement. Warm regards, Dan Wood Executive Director Washington State Dairy Federation"

Bill Orsborn (2018)

Past Chairman, Skagit County Republican Party

George Edmonson (2018)

Chairman, Republican Party, Legislative District 39, Skagit County, 2014-2018

Sam Wilson, Boeing Engineer (2018)

I endorse Robert Sutherland for State Representative. He is a man of integrity and courage, and will not compromise his values for anyone. If you want a stalwart defender of your natural rights, who will fight tirelessly for smaller, more accountable government, Mr. Sutherland is your man. He represents a rare chance to send someone to Olympia who will tell you exactly what he believes on the campaign trail, and stick to it once he's elected.

Tessa Ashley, ‘March for your Rights’ Olympia Gun Rally Organizer (2018)

Robert J Sutherland is a genuine and humble person. I know if elected he will defend all of your constitutional rights that are often under attack in our state. I know he will be transparent and work hard for the people in his district. He stands for lower car tabs and property taxes, which is what working class families desperately need right now.

Nathan Deily, Director, Microsoft (2018)

I am pleased to offer my unqualified endorsement for Robert J. Sutherland for State Representative in Legislative District 39, Position 1. I know Robert personally, and have found him to be a man of character, integrity and intelligence. He is an uncompromising supporter of liberty and a devoted family man. The State Legislature would benefit from his principled leadership. This statement represents my personal views and does not reflect the position or interests of my employer.

Allen Acosta, U.S. Army Major (Ret) (2018)

Robert j Sutherland is a man of passion and relentless voice for "We the People". A staunch advocate for the Bill of Rights, a stern voice against over regulation and supporter for smaller government. Robert will represent LD 39 with diligence and principle. I endorse Robert for State Rep for LD 39. Looking forward to working with him in Defending Freedom in Olympia.

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